Vladimir Kulikov financial risk consulatant

After getting my PhD in data science and statistics from TU Delft back in 2004 and doing a two year post-doc at EURANDOM Institute in Eindhoven, I realized that I need a much closer connection to the practice than any university can offer. For this reason I joined ING Financial Markets as a Quant. Following the development of the banking markets I worked on new asset classes and with various software. Switching to the insurance branch afterwards I became a senior analyst and expanded my expertise to financial risk management and Solvency II regulatory requirements.
After more than 11 years of working for the financial sector I feel that there is an ever increasing need to combine the data science and financial knowledge. I am passionate about building tools based on advanced modelling techniques which allows to extract the value from data. I feel that this is essential for maintaining competitive advantage in the modern world where everything’s connected and staggering amount of data is being produced each second. This has been the fundamental driver for founding IFDM BV. All in all, I get my inspiration from real-world problems and solving applied data challenges in the financial markets, validated at ABN-AMRO and a.s.r. Verzekringen.

Curriculum Vitae Kulikov 2017